Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Extraordinaire!

It's a celebration, and YOU are invited!

Heavn's Best Organic Compost & Gardens will be hosting a Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 1:30 pm.

Please join us at 19234 Saucier-Lizana Road, Saucier, MS  for the extravaganza ~ you'll be glad you did!

Rain Date:  Friday, February 8, 2013; 1:30 pm

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Middle of Winter Mississippi

Yes, it is the middle of winter ~ even though every sign of spring peeks its tell-tale signature existence through on days that do not drop down to the 40's or lower.

It's difficult, then, not to follow the impulse to put those spring/summer crops into the ground.  After all, it seems impossible that it might freeze again before March!

Alas, refrain we must, as as surely as we jump the gun, without a cold frame or hoop house, we'd be in dire straights, crying over the frozen promise of abundant summer harvest goods.

There is evidence, however, of forward motion of spring in the garden!  Zone 9, Mississippi Gulf Coast is able to take on a spring planting of potatoes, which will mature just before the summer heat begins to threaten.

So, plant potatoes we did!  Three varieties, all certified organic stock.  We shall see how they fare.  For both the transplanted-from-Iowa Compost Guru and myself, this January spud plant is a first.

I've yet to see anything his hand touches fail on a big scale . . . I'm drooling.  :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Signs and Seasons

The summer harvest had been over, the final remnants of flavor blown away by the gusting winds of Hurricane Isaac.   What he left behind was tattered plants, glad for the escape, yet grasping and clinging to life, hoping to pull through and carry on the intended fruit of their labor.

So it was that we entered into the fall.  Crisping days more frequent; a slower pace and purpose for all things green.

A photo journal of the past few weeks speaks for itself of the new solstice upon us.

Heirloom variety Boston Marrow pumpkin:  a full flavored winter squash used by settlers arriving in the new world.

Early Wakefield Cabbage, getting it's glory on.

Finally!  Success with Cilantro this season.  Ah!  Bliss!

A small, but tasty kohlrabi.  This winter's offering include a purple variety.

Our first foray into the world of lima beans.  Wish us luck!  

A new methodology, an experiment, based on previous results in this area.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sunrise Sights

A cucuzzi squash blossom, drizzled in morning dew.
The Compost Guru had already been at work, digging 'corn holes' as we call them, when I arrived at o-dark-thirty this morning.  It was the final day in a sequence of days for planting above ground crops, according to the moon and tidal patterns.

Our previous use of the Farmer's Almanac moon-planting schedule was haphazard at best, and we decided that we wanted a bonafide experiment going on concerning the idea.

That's why I found myself up before daylight had really struck the scene.  My coffee was snugly in-hand, however, and most delicious, even in the early morning muggy air.

Pumpkin blossoms, trumpeting the new day.

Birds were singing their hearts out, and I determined to walk among the fresh blossoms of the day, taking an inventory of sorts, of all the beauty that surrounded, or rather, completed, our handiwork.

The corn would soon be in-ground; the pole beans ensconced in the same fate.  It was a good day to plant crops.  Yes, indeed.  "Crop til we drop!"  our new motto.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sowing The Seed

Many of the neighbors 'round about have already plowed under their spring planting.

Call us rogue.
Call us avant-guarde.

We keep on planting.  

Oh, not because we don't see the fall schedule before us.  Rather, in spite of it.  

We want to see what type of results we get when we plant *this* at *this* time, instead of at a prescribed date known by many to be the a-typical time frame.


Because each soil is different, and each micro-climate unique.

Therefore, today?  We planted.

We sowed seeds.

Cucumbers, melons, squash, and more!
Radishes, beans, purple kholrobi and cilantro.

Our motto?  No harm in experimenting!

We are looking for our best results, and who knows, unless one plants the seed, which will perform?

Happy Planting!  :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Organic Growing Locally

When Heavn's Best Organic Compost moved to Saucier, MS, they literally moved right down the road from a valued customer.  Pat and Jeff Scrimsher, owners of PJ Farm, run a certified organic vegetable operation, supplying food not only for their table, but also for local farmer's markets in the area.  The local news station, WLOX ran an excellent article on their endeavors.

We applaud the efforts of PJ Farm, and wish them great success in providing certified organic, healthy food to the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heavn's Best Organic Gardens

Hello Blogosphere.  Del Banowetz, owner/operator of Heavn's Best Organic Compost and Gardens.

Evidently I'm a blogger now, so stay tuned for wonderful news of delicious home grown foods, fit for the table of a king.